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Volume 7 Number 3 (September 2022)

The COVID-19 End-Game?
Raghubir S. Khedar

Medical Education for Students: Past, Present, and Future
Vitull K Gupta, Meghna Gupta, Varun Gupta

Child Abuse and Neglect; Recognize, Respond and Report:A Cross-Sectional Study
Trupti Jain, Jaya Singh, Dinesh Raja, Akhilesh Chandra, Mahesh Khairnar, Rahul Agrawal

Correlation of Serological, Biochemical, and Molecular Markers in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis-B Infection at Jaipur, Rajasthan
Madhavi Vyas, Pratibha Sharma, Reshmi T Nair, Bharti Malhotra

Hypertension and Factors Affecting Compliance to Antihypertensive Therapy among Elderly from Rural Area
Karan Chandwani, Tanmay Sharma, Shakila Mulla

Computed Tomography and Clinical Features for Diagnosis of COVID-19 Pneumonia and Differentiating from Common Viral Pneumonia
Suresh Jat, Omprakash, Reena Mathur, Avinash Gupta, Rachitha N, Cremica Gupta, Devraj Yadav

Alcohol Effects Related Expectancies among Mid-Age Adolescents
Shahnawaz Ahmad, Atiq Ahmed

Heart Failure with Preserved Ejection Fraction (HFpEF): Part 1 Review of Experience and Evidence in PARAGON-HF with Commentary
Soneil Guptha , Eteri Tsetskhladze

SARS-CoV-2 and Dentistry: A Periodontal Perspective
Sharmistha Vijay, Saurabh Jain, Rajeev Songra, Debopriya Chatterjee, Anjali Agrawal, Rajkumar Meena

Campus News

Volume 7 Number 2 (June 2022)

Infectious Diseases in Rajasthan: An Overview
SS Mohanty , DK Kochar

Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
S Bhandari

Basic Sciences

Para Clinical Sciences

Clinical Sciences

Volume 7 Number 1 (March 2022)

Strategies for Return to Normal Following COVID-19 Pandemic
R Gupta

COVID-19 Journey: From Initial Learning to Vaccine
S Bhandari

Immunological Escape and Other Lessons from the First Omicron Cluster in India
R Gupta, B Malhotra, A Singh, R S Khedar

Spike Protein Mutations in SARS-CoV-2 at Rajasthan, India in December 2020
S Gautam, P Sharma, H Sharma, D Parsoya, F Deeba, N Bhomia, S Bhandari, B Malhotra

Research on Social Aspects of Leprosy: A Comprehensive Analysis of 11 Year Publications of Indian Journal of Leprosy
S Ahmad, V M Katoch

Evaluation of Ovarian Lesions on Ultrasound Staged by ORADS
G Sanwal, J Damor, R Mathur, A Gupta

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Different Manual Tooth Brush Bristle Design: A Crossover Study
N Bhargava, A Gur, A Kant, A Bhargava, S Saxena, R Sharma

Physical Activity and Cardiovascular Health: A Brief Review
B Gupta, S Sharma, R Gupta

Volume 6 Number 4 (October – December 2021)

SARS-CoV-2 Variants and Vaccine Boosters
R Gupta

Pattern of Adverse Drug Reactions to Covishield Vaccine among the Faculty of a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital in Jaipur City
R Kapadia, M Jain, L Sharma, K Sharma

Comparative Analysis of Cardiovascular Risk Factors Amongst Pre and Post Menopausal Dyslipidemic Women Residing in Urban Areas
M Parnami, K Varma

Maxillofacial Rehabilitation During COVID-19 Pandemic
A Chatterjee, S Bhandari, R G Sharma, S S Damachyan, P Patel, K K Lakhera

Effect of Covid-19 Pandemic on Dental Education: A Questionnaire Based Institutional Study
K S Sundaragiri, S Tandon, B Sankhla, S Saxena, A Gaur, A Bhargava, S Y Husain

Role of Mast Cells in Progression of Oral Epithelial Dysplasia
S Saxena, P Singh, A Bhargava, K S Sundaragiri, C Shekhawat, B Sankhla

Unmarried Minor Girls and Pregnancy: Medico-Legal Issues
L Verma, S Meena, D Pathak

Lemborexant: A Novel Orexin Antagonist for Insomnia
S Aditya, R Nandha, K Sekhri

Volume 6 Number 3 (July - September 2021)

Post-Covid Medical Education
A Mathur

SARS-CoV-2 Variants of Concern and Changing Trends of COVID-19 in India and Rajasthan: Epidemiological Perspective
R Gupta, K Gaur, VM Katoch

Basic Sciences

Para Clinical Sciences

Clinical Sciences

Volume 6 Number 2 (April – June 2021)

Covid-19 Epidemic: Preparing for the Next Wave
R Gupta

Attitude and Practices of Indian Population in Response to Information Shared on Social Media during COVID-19 Pandemic: How Social Media Literate are We?
A Sharma , P Rathi , R Yadav

Elucidation of Plasma Concentrations of Morphine, and it's Correlation with Pain in Cancer Patients Receiving Palliative Care
A Mathur , H Malhotra ,A Agarwal

Comparison of Percentage Depth Doses for Field Sizes Shaped by Tertiary Multileaf Collimators and Secondary Collimators for 6 Mv X-Ray Beams
Athiyaman M , Hemalatha A , Chougule A , Joan M , Kumar HS

Study for Optimal Dose Determination of Levothyroxine in Subclinical Hypothyroid Pregnant Patients: A Prospective Observational Study
Y Gupta , U Agarwal

Patterns and Associated Factors of Congenital Heart Disease in Children at a Tertiary Care Hospital Jaipur, Rajasthan
MK Meena , S Charawandya , R Sharma , M Rathore , M Sharma

Clinico-epidemiological Profile and Knowledge about Disease among Category I Tubercular Patients at a Tertiary Care Hospital of North India
A Bansal , A Agrawal , L Sharma , S Jain , S Sharma , U Advani

Chronic Periodontitis as a Potential Risk Factor for Coronary Heart Disease
VR Panwar , A Sharma , R Gupta , SM Sharma , HL Gupta , P Kumar

Comparison of Rate of Space Closure using Active Tie Back and NiTi Coil Spring in Angle's Class I Bi-Max Malocclusion Subjects following Piezocorticision
I Grover , H Kaur , V Agarwal , KD Ahluwalia, LS Dagur, A Dhuria

Volume 6 Number 1 (January – March 2021)

Hypertension Control in India: Lessons from Jaipur Heart Watch
R Gupta

Hypertension Epidemiology in India in the Global Context
K Gaur, R Gupta

Comparative Evaluation of Major Hypertension Guidelines and Practical Implications
P Gautam

Treatment Dilemmas in Hypertension Management in Diabetes
A Gupta, G Sharma, R S Khedar

Resistant Hypertension: Detection, Evaluation, and Management
A Sanadhya

Renal Artery Denervation in Hypertension Management
K K Bhagat

Mechanistic Issues in Salt Sensitive Hypertension
P R Degawat

Hypertension Gene Risk Score in Diagnosis and Prediction of Complications
S Sharma

Depression, Stress, and Cardiovascular Risk Factors in India Heart Watch: A Population-Based Cross Sectional Study
R Gupta, K K Sharma, A Gupta, I Mohan, P C Deedwania

Reviewer Acknowledgment

Instructions to Authors


Volume 5 Number 4 (October – December 2020)

COVID-19 Vaccines: Hope at Last
K Mangal, R Gupta

Pre-Analytical Storage Temperature Affects Telomere Length and mRNA Expression of hTERT
M Mehndiratta, AE Anthonio, R S Rao, R Kar, S Garg, B Gupta, ASuneja, D Puri

A Preventive Study on Hydroxychloroquine Prophylaxis against COVID-19 in Health Care Workers at a Tertiary Care Center in North India
S Bhandari, G Rankawat, S Priydarshi, N Vyas, A Singh

Prevalence of Nontuberculous Mycobacteria in Patients Suspected of Tuberculosis and Drug Resistant Tuberculosis
M Sharma,G Sharma, R P Shaliwal, SBhargava, B Malhotra

Comparison of the Efficacy of Cisatracurium and Atracurium for NeuromuscularBlockade and Recovery Characteristics in Patients undergoing Various Elective Surgeries under General Anesthesia
K Jain, S K Sethi, R Sharma

A Case Series of Efavirenz Induced Gynaecomastia
C Jain, N Sharma, U Advani, L Sharma, M Kumar, M Jain

Role of Computed Tomography in Evaluation of Maxillofacial Trauma
H Dhaliwal, V V Khare, V Sharma, A Jamdade, D Rana, S Yadav

Role of Platelet-rich Plasma in Treatment of Non-Scaring Alopecia
M Jain, A Singh, R Kapadia, D K Mahawar, S Kakkar, J Dadhich

Volume 5 Number 3 (July - September 2020)

Challenges in Leprosy: Suggestions on the Way Forward
K Katoch

Basic Sciences

Para Clinical Sciences

Clinical Sciences

Association of Sleep Quality with Academic Performance in First Year Under graduate Medical Students
Y Pasricha, S Sharma, S Kalla

KAP on Adult Immunization among Medical Students
S Kharoliwal, S Mangal

Parathyroid Adenoma: Sand Behind the Storm
N Bagri, R Misra, G Sindhwani, ASharma

Scrub Typhus with CerebrovascularAccident (Intra cerebral Haemorrhage): A Rare Case Presentation
M Dave, HLSaini, S Jain, ANyati, PPatel

Volume 5 Number 2 (April – June 2020)

Health Systems in Post-Covid-19 Era: Strengthening Primary Care and District Hospital
R Gupta

Comparative Study of Dexmedetomidine and Magnesium Sulphate as Adjuvant to Epidural Bupivacaine in Lower Limb Orthopaedic Surgery
V Mathur, K Jain, K Sharma, DK Garg, A Khare, SK Sethi

Acute Gastroenteritis Outbreak at a Wedding, Pali District, Rajasthan, India, April 2018
A Mathur, SS Shekhawat, V Marwal, S Dholpuria, D Meena

Efficacy of High Resolution Ultrasound in Evaluation of Rotator Cuff Tear in Comparison to MRI
B Raskaran, TPrabha

The Drug Utilization Pattern and Factors Associated with Knee Osteoarthritis in a Tertiary Care Hospital
M Rani, LSharma, ASharma, S Kumar

Evaluation of Pneumatization in Articular Tubercle and Roof of the Glenoid Fossa with Cone-Beam Computed Tomography
C Shekhawat, G Sobti, KS Sundaragiri, SSaxena, P Bhargava

Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice regarding Painless Technique for Pediatric Patients by Dental Practitioners
N Tiwari, A Sharma, N Agrawal, S Tiwari, S Singla, D Sharma

Social Determinants of Cardiovascular Diseases: An Indian Perspective
R Gupta, I Mohan


Volume 5 Number 1 (January - March 2020)

Artificial Intelligence or Clinical Intelligence for Better Health
Rajeev Gupta

SEPRDD-CHF: A JVP Guided Diuretic Releasing System for Patients with Acute Precipitation over Chronic Congestive Heart Failure
Raja Babu Panwar, Sadik Raja Panwar, Priyanka Rathi, Mukesh Sharma

Study of Urinary WT1 Positive Cells as a Biomarker for Detection of Glomerular Diseases
Jayesh Saha, Ranjana Solanki, Madan Solanki, Utkarsh Sharma, Suman Meena, Vijaya S Devi, Poonam Arora, Gurvi Chauhan

Propofol and Thiopentone as Anaesthetic Agents in Electroconvulsive Therapy and Effect of Clonidine as Premedicant
Anupama Gupta, K L Tulsiani, Vikas Rajpurohit

Prevalence of Extended Spectrum β-Lactamase, Metallo β-Lactamase, and AmpC β-Lactamase among Gram Negative Bacilli Recovered from Burn Wound Infection
Kusum Lata Lodha, Seema Surana

Evaluation of Obstetricians' Knowledge and Practice Behaviour Concerning Periodontal Disease as a Potential Risk Factor for Preterm Delivery and Low Birth Weight in North Gujarat
Deepa Patel, Charu Agrawal, Hiral Parikh, Shilpa Patil, Shilpa Duseja, Mishal Shah5

Pressure Characteristics of Maxillary and Mandibular Edentulous Impressions: An In-vitro Study
Haby Mathew Somson, Pradeep Kumar C, Alex Mathew M, Sherin Sara George, Rajeev Soangra, Jitendra Acharya

Uncoating the Global Virus: SARS Coronavirus-2
Manju Jha, Sonali Sharma, Priyanka Jain

Reviewer Acknowledgment and Thanks

Instructions to Authors

Volume 4 Number 4 (October - December 2019)

Deprescribing: A New Paradigm in Healthcare
R Gupta

Role of Multidetector Computed Tomography in Evaluation of Cardiac and Extracardiac Intrathoracic Abnormalities in Pediatric Patients
Sowmya D, Patel V, Digge P, Swaroop T, Sindhwani G

Depression: Submerged Health Problem of Elderly
Meharda B, Bedi R, Chaudhary P, Bharti A, Rao D

Role of Multidetector Computed Tomography in Evaluation of Blunt Abdominal Trauma
Puran, Kardam NK, Gehlot KB, Bamaniya K

A Study of Variation in Platelet Parameters in Pregnancy
Kasliwal N, Pachori G, Heda K, Rathi A, Shah AB

Pattern of Anxiety and Depression with Associated Factors in Oral Lichen Planus: A Questionnaire Based Study
Katti G, Shahbaz S, Amena M, Katti C, Ghali SR

Comparative Evaluation of Apical Seal using Cention N and Mineral Trioxide Aggregate as Retrograde Filling Material
Shailendra M, Selvakumar G, Diwanji P, Indi S, Hambire A

Assessment of Practice and Awareness about Applications of CBCT Imaging amongst Dental Professionals in Uttarakhand: AQuestionnaire Study
Shabista J, Meru S, Oberai S, Gomes AF

Effect of Single Visit Apexification versus Complete Obturation using Mineral Trioxide Aggregate orBiodentine on the Fracture Resistance of Simulated Immature Teeth
Gill B, Mariyam, Mirdha N,Bishnoi N, Gupta T, Saini S

Gestational Diabetes Mellitus: An Updated Review
Purohit P, Mishra P, Bhati R

Volume 4 Number 3 (July - September 2019)

Public Universities as Catalysts forResearch: Rajasthan University of Health Sciences
S Sharma, R Gupta

Basic Sciences

Para Clinical Sciences

Clinical Sciences

Cholesterol Granuloma of Left-sided Hydrocele Sac Mimicking TesticularTumor
S Gupta, VKumar, N Gupta

Ultrasound Findings of Heterotopic Pregnancy in IVF Conceived Patients-Dual Case Report and Mimickers
S Akodiya, N Agrawal, S Purohit, P Yadav

Volume 4 Number 2 (April - June 2019)

Reducing Violence Against Doctors and Healthcare Workers: Financing for Better Infrastructure
R Gupta

Role of Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Evaluation of Fetal Anomalies
A Sharma, MK Mittal, A Malik, A Batra, M Sinha, BB Thukral, R Sharma, G Sindhwani

Design and Implementation of a Multipurpose Phantom for Advanced Radiotherapy Treatment Delivery Verification
M Joan, S Saminathan, A Chougule

Profile of Opportunistic Infections among HIV Patients Prior to Start of ART in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Rajasthan
P Sirohi, A Gupta, S Gupta

A Comparative Study of Fractional CO2 Laser versus Intradermal Injection of Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma in Melasma
DS Bohara, A Mehra, R Kothiwala, A Meherda, LR Rawat, JK Garg

Receptor Status and Menopause in Breast Cancer: A Prospective Study to Analyze the Association
J Sharma, J Singh, S Singh, P Patel, KK Lakhera, RG Sharma

The Association of Alcoholic Liver Disease with Vitamin D, Ferritin, and Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase for Improving Diagnosis and Treatment Modalities
SK Jain, RK Vyas, J Bala, G Gahlot

Ticagrelor: AReversible P2Y12 Inhibitor in Prevention of Thrombotic Events
U Advani, C Jain, ABansal, N Sharma, K Sharma

Study of Hand Hygiene in Attendants Visiting Hospital
A Bana


Campus News

Volume 4 Number 1 (January - March 2019)

Healthy Diet from Sustainable Food Systems is not Affordable: Our Rejoinder to The Lancet Commission
R Gupta, S Bharati

Histories of Healthcare in Jaipur
R Gupta

Optical Coherence Tomographic Assessment of Macula following Uncomplicated Cases of Cataract Surgery
S Dhar, T S Ahluwalia, P Kumar

Association of Biosocial Profile and Work Performance of Accredited Social Health Activist in Jaipur District
S Meena, M Rathore, A Singh, M Verma

The Association between Basal Metabolic Index and Blood Pressure in School Children of Urban Area in Jaipur District
S Kalla, S Sharma, N S Kalla

A Pharmacoepidemiological Safety Study in Oral Cancer Patients in Jaipur City
K Sharma, L Sharma, S Jasuja, M Rani

Stress Distribution in Maxillary Anterior Region during En masse Intrusion of Six Anterior Teeth: A Finite Element Analysis
S Ahuja, R Saxena, R Jatti, S Chaudhary, N Gupta

Maxillary Sinus Pathology Detected in Asymptomatic Patients: A Retrospective Cone-beam Computed Tomography Study
G Sobti, J Thanvi, I Gaurav, N Mathur

Extraction of Maxillary Teeth without Palatal Injection: A Comparative Study between 4% Articaine Hydrochloride and Lignocaine Hydrochloride
E Sharma, S Bhardwaj, M Sharma

Bedaquiline: New Approach for Treatment of Multidrug-Resistant Tuberculosis
P Jakhar, R Chaudhary, K Baijal, R S Rathore, S Kumar

Campus News

Reviewer Acknowledgment and Thanks

Instructions to Authors

Volume 3 Number 4 (Oct - Dec 2018)

Universal Health Care Ahoy
R Gupta

Ayushman Bharat: National Health Protection Mission
S Kalla, A Mehta, N Sharma, A Sharma

The An Evaluation of the Effects of Brachytherapy Applicator Attenuation in the High Dose Rate Treatment for Carcinoma Uterine Cervix
M Joan, A Chougule

Spectrum of Cutaneous Tumors and Cysts at a Tertiary Care Centre
G Pachori, SS Toor, M Jain, R Sharma, T Bayla

Effect of Vitamin D Supplementation in Dry Eye Refractory to Conventional Treatment
A Sahai, P Watts, PR Kumar, MA Shamshad

Effect of Dual Task Activity on Visual and Auditory Reaction Time in First Year Medical Students
M Sharma, K Yadav, S Kacker, N Saboo, P Kapoor, J Sorout, Surbhi

Efficiency of Tulsi Mouthwash against Streptococcus mutans and Salivary pH: An In-vivo Study
A Verma, A K Sharma, P Narain, P Kumar, S Rana, S Mohapatra

Association between Periodontal Disease and Dental Caries: An Observational Study
D Chatterjee, Jayanthi D, A Kapoor, S Vijay, D Kalra

Efficacy of Phentolamine Mesylate in the Reversal of Local Anesthesia
G Gupta, M Bhat, R Sharma, P Shah, A Khairwa, K S Rana, A Gupta, R N Purohit

Empowering Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) with mHealth for Chronic Disease Surveillance in India
A Sharma, M Malik, VN Baig, R Gupta

Iron in Oral Health and Disease
S Gupta, A Hooda, A Narwal, A Kumar

Campus News

Volume 3 Number 3 (July - Sep 2018)

Applications of Molecular Methods in Human Medicine in India-Urgency to Bridge the Gap
V M Katoch

Basic Sciences

Para Clinical Sciences

Clinical Sciences

Conch Blowing Ameliorates Obstructive Sleep Apnea
R Gupta, S Ahuja, N Gupta

Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma Presenting with Ulcerated Lymph Node Mass
J Sharma, J Singh, S Singh, P Patel, K K Lakhera, R G Sharma

Transanal Migration of Ventriculoperitoneal Shunt
Manish, A Gupta, R Sharma

Volume 3 Number 2 (April - June 2018)

Lost in Numbers: The Art and Science of Medicine
R Gupta

Hybrid CTUrography: Paradigm Shift in CTRadiation Dose Reduction
I Kundu, M K Mittal, M Sinha

Osteoporosis and Correlates in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
VK Sharma, S Jain, VJoshi, N Khippal

Assessment of Nutrients Consumption among Adolescent Girls at a Field Practicing Area of a Medical College
S Charawandya, M Kumar, AKashyap, M Rathore, VN Baig, VK Mathur

Histopathological Effects of Exposure of Formaldehyde on Nasal Cavity of Albino Rats
M Gupta

Influence of Different Preparation Designs on Fracture Strength of Porcelain Laminate Veneer
N Gupta, S Nagada, J Paliwal, D Goyal, M Agarwal, R K Khatri, S Mittal

Comparison of Root Canal Preparations Using Three Different Rotary Systems and Nickel-Titanium Hand Files by Cone Beam Computed Tomography
PMital, Amit, AB Prasad, D Raisingani, H Srivastava, M S Gehlot

Predatory Journals: A Downside on Research and Hampering the Impact and Relevance of Scientific Outcome
N C Jain, G S Khan

Ebola: An Update for the Dentist
R D Raval, S Lodha

The American Charm
K D Gupta

Campus News

Volume 3 Number 1 (January - March 2018)

Quality Issues in Primary Healthcare
R Gupta

Heart Failure Etiologies, Management and Short-term Outcomes in Hospitalized and Clinic -Based Patients in India
R Gupta, V Grover, K K Sharma, B S Mishra, S Roy, A Bana

Improving Academic Performance of Medical Undergraduates: Impediments and Solutions
A Nimesh, M Mehndiratta, S Garg, R Kar, D Puri

Hemodynamic Forces Induce the Release of Nitric Oxide from Aortic Endothelium: Combined Effect of Shear Stress and Pressure
H S Yawer, S R Panwar, N Priya, A S, A R Ray

Aloe vera and Probiotics in Treatment of Chronic Periodontitis Patients: A Clinicoradiographic Study
Nainika Sharma, MM Dayakar, Shivanand Bhat, Pakash G Pai

Nasopharyngeal Airway Dimensions in Different Dentofacial Skeletal Patterns
S S Bhatia, J P S Kalra, R S Chhabra

The Assessment of Nutrient Requirements and Risk of Deficiency: Evaluation of Folate Intake in Rajasthan
V Neel, PK Khatri

Obstructive Sleep Apnea Syndrome: An Under -recognized Clinical Entity with Significant Systemic Morbidities
R Dixit, S Verma, J Jalutharia, A Sharma

Campus News

Instructions to Authors

Volume 2 Number 4, (October - December 2017)

Creating Health Professionals for the 21st Century
R Gupta

The Impact of Hyperglycemia on Left Ventricular Function in Type 2 Diabetic Patients
K Thakkar, R Agrawal, P Tanti, RP Agrawal

Guillain-Barre Syndrome and its Prognosis with Hyponatremia
J Romeol, H Mahur, D P Singh, N Pansari, H Verma, P Kumar KT

Detection and Assessment of Human Cytomegalo Virus, Epstein -Barr Virus -1 and Herpes Simplex Virus in Patients with Chronic Periodontitis of Varying Pocket Depths
C Agrawal, P Pudakalakatti, MP Shah, K G Bhat, S Pati1, S Gupta

A Comparative Evaluation of Sucrose, Sorbitol and Sugar Free Chewing Gum on Plaque pH in Children after Sucrose Challenge
S Garg, RK Pandey, A Mishra

Arthrocentesis for Internal Derangement of Temporomandibular Joint: with and without Sodium Hyaluronate
S Gupta, AK Sharma, J Purohit, S Jain, H Attarde

Hepatitis E: A Scorned Virus
V Neel, PK Khatri

Oral Autopsy, Facial Reconstruction and Virtopsy: an Update on Endeavors to Human Identification
D Sharma, G Koshy, Sa Garg, B Sharma, S Grover, M Singh

Ethambutol Toxicity in HIV Patients on Antiretroviral Therapy
KK Vyas, JPS Nalva

Medical Examinations : The Student's Point of View
KD Gupta

Campus News

Volume 2 Number 3, (July-September 2017)

Abstact Issue: Promoting Sciences at State Medical Collegs
S Sharma

Basic Sciences

Para Clinical Sciences

Clinical Sciences

Antibiotic Resistance: Challenges and Solutions
K Mangal, RS Khedar

Adrenal Myelolipoma
N Priya, R Singh

Rare Variation in Root Canals of Mandibular, Canine and Premolar Teeth
D Sharma, YS Hada, H Choudhary, T Tiwari

Campus News

Volume 2 Number 2, (April-June 2017)

Generic Medicines in India: The Myth and the Truth
A Panagariya

Syndemic of Obesity, Hypertension and Hyperglycemia Among 15-49 Year Olds in Rajasthan : District -Level Data from National Family Health Survey -4
K Gaur, I Mohan, R Gupta

Profile of Patients Admitted with Acute -on -Chronic Liver Disease in A Tertiary Care Hospital.
BK Gupta, SL Meena, VK Meena, J Gupta

Assessment of Neutrophils Chemotaxis, Phagocytosis and Specific Granule Release in Aggressive and Chronic Periodontitis Patients : An In -vitro Study
PM Agrawal, CS Bherwani, D Gujar, AP Thareja, NM Landge, D Dalaya, S Mathur, A Chaudhari

Contact Dermatitis like Skin Lesion: A Dermal Toxicity of Formaldehyde Treated by Phytomedicine Extracted from Woodfordia fructicosa and Gardenia gummifera.
H Nagar, MS Ranawat

Oral Manifestations of Chikungunya and its Comparison with Dengue Fever: A Literature Review with an Indian Perspective
SS Sihmar, K Ramalingam, S Goyal, S Rathi

Campus News

Instructions to Authors

Volume 2 Number 1, (January-March 2017)

Being a Good Doctor: The First Steps
Rajeev Gupta

Remaining Challenges to Further Reduce the Leprosy Burden in Rajasthan
K Katoch

The MOGE(S) Classification of Cardiomyopathy
E Arbustini, J Narula, N Priya, S R Panwar

Serum Lactate Dehydrogenase Level in Patients with Head and Neck Malignancy Treated with Radiotherapy
A Chougule, B Kochar

Role of High Resolution Computed Tomography in Evaluation of Diffuse Parenchymal Lung Diseases
A Gupta, R Mathur, Shyojiram, Prasanna R, R Meena

Oral Health Status and Treatment Needs among Differently Abled Children
A Mathur, V P Aggarwal, A Mathur

Clinicopathological study of Odontogenic Cysts -A Retrospective Study
K Karwasra, D Choudhary, M Astekar, N Gandhi

Vaccination in Immunocompromised Patients
A Mathur, H Malhotra

Hypertension in India: Trends in Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment and Control
R Gupta, S Gupta

Campus News

Instructions to Authors

Volume 1 Number 1, (October-December 2016)

Promotion of Scientific Temper
Rajeev Gupta

New Imperatives for Our Better Future
Raja Babu Panwar

Challenges and Opportunities for Health Research in Rajasthan
Vishwa Mohan Katoch

Detection of Multi -Drug Resistence in Extra -Pulmonary Tuberculosis by Indirect Genotype MTBDRplus Line Probe Assay
Sumit Goya, Bharti Malhotra, Shipra Bhargava3

Prevalence of Nephropathy and Its Risk Factors in Type -2 Diabetes: A Tertiary Care Hospital Based Study
Ritvik Agrawal, Monika Phogawae, RP Agrawal

A Proof -of -Principle Communication Skills Workshop Among Medical Trainees in Jodhpur
Gita Sinha, Pratiksha Somalia, Arvind Mathur

Mentoring: An Essential Catalyst in Professional Development of Teaching Faculty and Medical Students
Sonali Sharma, Sudhanshu Kacker

Clinical Usefulness of Three -Dimensional Echocardiography
Raja Babu Panwar, Navin C Nanda Nidhi Priya, Sadik Raja Panwar

Are Doctors Unhealthy? Managing Cardiovascular Risks in Physicians
Rajeev Gupta

Campus News

Instructions to Authors